Tailored Linen Vest



Color: Off White
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Ice-Cream Suit for Women

The linen ice-cream suit.

Mark Twain made it famous.

Its annual emergence from the American closet has been a welcome event for 150 summers, at least.

The reason it is called an ice-cream suit, of course, is because it is cool, like a refreshing dish of ice cream on a hot day, and invariably vanilla, which is the nation's favorite ice cream flavor.*

Can you think of a single good reason why the innumerable benefits of wearing an ice-cream suit should be restricted to one-half of the species (i.e., the male half)?

I can't.

Cool, casual, confident, possibly cocky Ice-Cream Suit for Women, a 1920's men's suit in substantial linen with a nip here, extra flare there, front buttons moved to the appropriate side.

Tailored Linen Vest (No. 6546). 55% Linen 45% Cotton. Single-breasted button-down vest with welt side pockets, pointed front hem. Cinched at sides with elastic for comfortable shaping. Imported.