Teddy Reader

Teddy Reader

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Teddy Reader

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Distinguished Gentlemen.

Face it, we get older. The eyes go. But there is hope. It’s a well-known fact that distinguished men wear distinguishing eyewear.

Teddy Roosevelt was shot during a presidential campaign speech; the bullet stayed lodged in his chest, slowed in part due to his eyeglass case. Even so, he finished the speech.

He wore glasses like this.

Teddy Readers (No. 5198). The aluminum frame is lightweight and hypoallergenic. Adjustable nose pads. Hint: When your eyeline is above your eyewear people tend to pay attention. Imported.

Magnifications: 1.5 (just enough). 2.0 (snaps printed word back into sharp focus). 2.5 (a little stronger). 3.0 (if your spouse is reading this for you)