The Double Major Ivy Sweater



Color: Cream Multi
Product Details

Make It a Double.


On the one hand, there was Wesley's father urging him toward a law
degree. But could he really turn his back on literature?

In the end, Wesley decided to tackle both and never looked back. These days,
he heads up a boutique law firm catering to writers and artists and teaches a class on Joyce every year as an adjunct.

Variety is the ultimate antidote to boredom, and this sweater is a real kick in the pants for your sweater game. No big decisions required. 


The Double Major Ivy Sweater (No. J7854) features a good-looking mix of traditional shaker and cable stitches on both body and sleeves. Wears like a tennis or cricket sweater while bucking certain tedious bonds of tradition. Created from premium cotton yarns and finished with linked seams. Imported.