The Grand Tour Floral Caftan



Color: Terracotta
Product Details

Grand Tour.




Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria.

She glides to the corner table on the terrace where we agreed to meet.

There, with Mount Vesuvius in the distance, she tells me she’s on a grand tour, the sort of months-long journey of Edith Wharton’s time and before. Now with faster trains, better roads, modern conveniences, less anonymity.

I admire her stunning caftan, and she tells me she’s worn it in every city on the tour and across the countryside between. Says it packs well, feels perfectly delicious, makes her feel like a film star.

Later, back at home, a postcard arrives from Crete. On the back, a rough sketch of the caftan and a small watercolor swatch of this pattern.


These, and nothing more.

It's enough.


The Grand Tour Floral Caftan
(No. J7933). Beautiful maxi length floral caftan in
silky 100% viscose (feels like a late summer breeze
as it drifts over your skin). Alluring sleeve cutout
from shoulder to just above the wrist. One faux
mother of pearl button at each cuff. Imported.