The Heroine’s Victorian Blouse


Color: White
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The hero of a book by P. D. Ouspensky gets to relive his life and flubs everything again exactly the same way.

He thinks that what he puts on in the morning doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things; you, I hope, know better.

You find yourself reaching automatically into the closet for the habitual blouse, but wait… if you pick this one instead, I promise you’ll end the day with options you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

These you consider at leisure; becoming the heroine of a novel that you write yourself.


The Heroine’s Victorian Blouse (No. J8148). White lace on white 100% cotton, inspired by a Victorian-era day shirt. Lace stand collar with ruffle. The elaborate bib, a mix of laces and embroideries. Lace insets at sleeves and pintucking at front body beneath bib. 18 self-covered buttons at center front closure and four buttons at each cuff. Sweet. Romantic. Nostalgic. Imported.