The Legends Baseball Sweatshirt



Color: Washed Black
Product Details

88 Inches of Red Cotton Thread.


On April 4, 1849, the Knickerbockers took the field wearing blue wool pants, white flannel shirts, and straw hats, and became the first team to wear a uniform for a game.

Decades unspooled and rules changed, uniforms changed, legends emerged.

What remains for anyone who loves the game is a certain feeling in the chest or a catch in the throat. Memory.

Devotion to a game that isn’t duty-bound to reciprocate, but then there’s the sound of a bat meeting cowhide and 88 inches of red cotton thread and four bases to run.

And (ask anyone) that’s enough.


The Legend’s Baseball Sweatshirt (No. J8190). A sweatshirt for legends of all sorts, closely based on a 1940s baseball team sweatshirt. Made with perfect comfort in mind in 100% French cotton terry. Contrast bound neck and placket edge. Three-button henley style with fisheye corozo buttons. Rib cuffs and hem. Imported.