The Veronica Dress



Color: Black
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If she bends the truth some (she does) and if you believe her (you do), that’s all part of Veronica’s charm. The price of admission if you’re lucky enough to sit within earshot at one of the Main Line dinner parties where her name tops the guest list.

If the stories are true (you know better), her great-grandfather explored Yellowstone with Theodore Roosevelt before it was a national park.

She would also tell you that she charmed her way onto the guest list at no fewer than five royal weddings.            

She might tell you that she once threw a drink in the face of a Broadway producer who called her performance in The King and I  “flat and without sizzle.” And married him a week later and became his muse.

That story is likely true.

Veronica's Dress (No. 6382). Figure-loving sleeveless tank dress with flattering, strategic ruching that lets you get away with anything. Rayon/Spandex blend. Imported.