Tuxedo Jacket



Color: Leopard
Product Details

Admirably Fierce.

A night of your life deserves a night-of-your-life look.

Something for the paparazzi, bless ‘em (they have their job to do), something that will be luminous (and admirably fierce) against the red carpet, and, incidentally, perhaps, make every other woman present feel inadequately dressed.

(Remember, you are in the privacy of your own mind here.)

“Ladies and gentlemen,” you say, clutching the surprisingly weighty gold statuette, “I want to especially thank J. Peterman for making this night so...”

That’s very kind, but a mention in the photo captions will do.

Leopard Tuxedo Jacket (No. 6438). Glamorous tuxedo blazer in a leopard printed poly crepe chiffon. Inherently bold, unapologetically sexy. The longline satin lapel frames the neckline. Classically-fitted six-panel bodice. Narrow welt pockets. Satin-piped sleeve vents. Poly twill lining. Hook closure. Imported.