Houndstooth Blazer



Color: Green Houndstooth
Product Details


In the beginning, the idea of the tweed blazer was to make something simple. Chic. Fitted but not cumbersome. Adopted by royals, movie stars, and innumerable ladies of consequence (usually known by a single name), the tweed blazer became synonymous
with brainy sensuality.

Marvelously chic dressed up, down, and anything in between, you can broker peace deals in this blazer just as easily as you can click your heels over cobblestone. Casual dalliances in jeans and skirts are elevated to sensational levels.

It's all very heady stuff.

Houndstooth Blazer (No. 6442). Crisp, flattering, modern lines. 100% poly houndstooth tweed. Poly crepe de chine lining. White buttons. One clear stay button. Felt undercollar. Imported.