Umbrella Seat Stick


Product Details

A Very English Equation.


Beautiful countryside ÷ (incessant rain + sun-dappled insouciance) = the need for an Umbrella Seat Stick (No. 6667).


It’s not exactly algebra, but it does make more sense. Use as a seat, a walking stick, and an umbrella for rain or shine. Leather-trimmed handles. The stainless steel leg is fitted with a folding ground plate so there’s no sinking into the soft ground. The fiberglass umbrella frame is fitted with a nylon canopy in a tasteful shade of country green. The leather seat is an earthy honey brown. The overall walking height is 38”, sitting height is 32”. Canopy diameter when opened is 36”. Works best (and safely) if you weigh under 16 stone (220 lbs.). Made in the United Kingdom.