Undyed Natural Jean Jacket


Color: Natural
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I first met Miles at a book release party in Paris, on the rooftop of a building with a view to Montmartre hill and the Arc de Triomphe at our feet.

The crowd was chockablock with literary tastemakers, publishers, a few bonafide socialites, models with names you’d know.

One thing I noticed that night was how much everyone liked Miles, but they also liked what he was wearing.

One thing doesn’t depend on the other, but I’ve found they’re not entirely unrelated.

It's an idea worth testing.


Undyed Natural Jean Jacket (No. J3463). Beachy-bleachy version of that iconic American style is just as essential these days. This is straightup denim—unbleached undyed, that is, and with stray flecks of brown that only add to the natural flavor. 100% cotton. Imported.