U.S. Navy Chambray Shirt


Color: Washed Indigo
Product Details

Built for Battle.


Pacific Ocean, 1942.

The SG radar picks up targets southwest making 22 knots in three columns.

Range: 16,000 yards.

The men helming United States Navy battleships like the Sodak and Washington—loading 2,700-pound shells into 16-inch naval rifles with barrels over 60 feet long—wore dungarees and chambray shirts. In fact, this was the standard uniform for most Navy men during WWII, regardless of assignment.

By this point, battleships were used more as screeners for the darlings of the Navy, aircraft carriers. However, armed to the teeth, battleships were still something to be feared.

The enemy found this out at the Battle of Guadalcanal, where the men in the chambray shirts unleashed the lead and saved the day.


U.S. Navy Chambray Shirt (No. J8176). Adheres faithfully to the design details of authentic WWII- and Korean War-era U.S. Navy chambray shirts, but in a lightweight 100% cotton chambray ideal for spring and summer. Feels broken-in from day one. Extra-wide placket facings. Two-hole channel urea workwear buttons. Double-needle stitching. Adopted and made famous by the U.S. Navy, made even more famous by certain kings of cool. Imported.