Velvet Poly Caftan



Color: Cherry
Product Details

Tidings of Comfort and Joy.

Evenings in November, December.

Smartly dressed men and women coming in from the cold, gathering around a crackling fire. Soon they’re laughing, conversing, listening to Erroll Garner.

This velvet caftan makes you feel right at home.

Enticing, but nothing obvious. Rich, subtle glows along the folds keep emerging and subsiding with every move you make. (Kimono-style sleeves sliding up and down your arms, glimpses of leg through the side slits.)

Time it will take you to become this entirely different person: approximately five seconds.

Velvet Caftan (No. 7063). Velvet poly. Satin piping along boat neckline. With a fetching necklace, you become the honorary host of any party you attend. Imported.