Vida Beach Suit Bottoms



Color: Beige White Stripe
Product Details

Costa Tropical. The trophy for the longest exclusively freshwater fish migration —7200 miles—goes to the dorado catfish of the Amazon River basin. That’s farther than the distance from Argentina to your poolside vantage point at the Gran Hotel Miramar.

You could not be less interested in these facts.

Not with a crisp two-olive martini in hand.

Not with the Mediterranean in your peripherals from corner to corner.

Not with the rhythm of easy waves and a Spanish guitar in your ears.

Not with the Andalusian sun soaking right through to the place in your chest where you keep memories of pure, shimmering days like this one.

Have we forgotten how to be this relaxed?  

A refresher is in order.

The Vida Beach Trunk (No. 6985). Pool side luxury in 100% European cotton stripe poplin. Made in Europe.