Vintage Rugby Sweater



Color: Orange Dark
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Vintage Rugby Sweater


Looks familiar, but there’s something different about this sweater. Its bold stripes call to mind the traditional rugby shirts you know and love (and collect).

This one reaches further back in history, way back to the first rugby sweaters to hit the pitch. Those were (also) made of wool, densely woven to keep the wearer dry and warm.

The spirit you see here is more relaxed. Still does all the things you’d want it to do to keep the weather off and the warmth in.

No need to enter a scrum or join in any win-at-all-costs head bashing to earn these stripes.


Vintage Rugby Sweater (No. 7532) 100% Pure new Shetland wool by Harley of Scotland. Slightly brushed for a soft finished. Supremely warm. Roguishly handsome. Made in Scotland.