Vintage T-Shirt Long-Sleeve
Vintage T-Shirt Long-Sleeve

Vintage T-Shirt Long-Sleeve

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No. 1530
Color: Faded Peach

Vintage T-Shirt Long-Sleeve

Regular price $34.00 $14.00

Vintage T-Shirts.

What is this? It looks old.

Well, it's a vintage T-shirt. It's new, but looks old.

It's new but looks old?

Well, it seems new, but looks old.

Seems? You mean it really is old?

Well, you know when you're out buying a couple of steaks and maybe some antifreeze and you decide on a pack of T-shirts at the same time?

You mean it's like that?

Well, it's like that… but different.


A lot different.

(Adding to the mystery, the original historic labels were accidentally removed and replaced by our own. Sorry.)

Vintage T-shirts. With short or long sleeves and chest pocket (always handy). Noticeably more substantial cotton than you normally find in T-shirts these days, pigment-dyed to achieve the effect of great age. Although newborn, they start out looking good (and old). And stay that way. And they don't disintegrate just at the point they're starting to get good. Imported.