New Gibson Girl Blouse



Color: Rose Quartz
Product Details

Gibson Girl.

She flowed out of Charles Dana Gibson’s illustration pen in the early 1890s: The American Girl to All the World.

Confident. Shapely. Upswept hair. Haughty one minute, mischievous the next. She could swing a golf club as well, or better than, her square-jawed male admirers.

In magazines, plays and songs, her image reproduced endlessly (on chinaware, wallpaper, souvenir spoons, etc.), the Gibson Girl showed two generations of American women how to dress and carry themselves… let them know it was OK to be aware of their power without taking themselves too seriously… until a frantic creature called “the flapper” came onstage.

I’m not saying you have to choose between champagne and bathtub gin. But it’s something to think about.

Gibson Girl Blouse (No. 7284). Pure cotton voile with acres of embroidery, openwork, lace trim and insets on bodice, cuffs and high flange collar (can be worn turned down, if you wish). Shirred waist with lace tie in back, for peplum effect. Crocheted covered buttons. Button closures at back of collar and turn-back cuffs.  Imported.