Florentine Seersucker Dress

Florentine Seersucker Dress

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Florentine Seersucker Dress

Regular price $198.00 $59.00

How It's Done. (Sometimes)

Summer afternoon.

I notice a beautiful Florentine walking near the Duomo at the center of the bustling square. I stop her. I don’t even know what I’m going to say.

“Per favore, dove trovare…”

She looks vaguely amused. Is it the oddness of my question? Certainly it’s a pick-up line she’s never, never heard before.

I pull out my summer catalog and try again to make some sense.

She takes it, browses through the pages, exclaims the occasional “bella” or “bello,” then takes me by the hand and leads me to her regular cafe on via Dante Alighieri.

She can’t remember where she bought the dress, but she has enough time for me to do a loose sketch and explain why a blazer and pants in the same fabric would celebrate the energy of summer.

Florentine Seersucker Dress (No. 7265). I think you will like the hidden pockets. 100% cotton seersucker fabric with satin weave lining. Side panels and bust dart from waist. Below knee length. Back zipper. Imported.