Wide Leg Cords



Color: Powder Blue
Product Details

More Everything.


You already own cords.

These, however, are just a little more luscious than yours.

(An older woman told me once: “The game of life is won by inches.

Be a little faster, a little smarter, a little better.” I was fourteen then.

And she? She wasn’t at that time “a little” beautiful. Oh no. She was devastatingly beautiful.)

Our corduroy pants are a little better: lush, but not bulky.


Wide Leg Cords (No. J7417). A little more stylish. A little more comfortable. A little more flattering in velvety cotton with a bit of
stretchy stuff for comfort and give. Pockets lined in cotton. Antique brass shank button at center front. Metal zipper. All in all: a little snappier, a little dressier, a little better. People’s eyes will study you longer. Imported.