The Plaid Cape



Color: Lavender Plaid
Product Details

Cover Yourself.


Capes are mysterious. Alluring. Functional.

In the past, they’ve existed as an alternative to coats so you wouldn’t crush your real clothing. Real clothing? I haven’t seen your wardrobe but I’m fairly confident you won’t want to take this cape off once you put it on. There simply won’t be anything better underneath it.


The Plaid Cape (No. 7099). Timeless cape style in easy-wearing, classic and sophisticated poly/wool plaid. The fold-down collar and double-breasted button styling take this from the Edwardians to the runways of Paris. Modern if not mod. Arm slits on each side aid in navigating the vast ocean of space. In short, you can still use your hands. Then, of course, the welt pockets. Dark grey faux horn buttons. Gunmetal chain. Collar. Double-breasted. Knee length .

They’ll say it’s coat weather outside.
Is it?

44"L x 74" Sweep