Wool & Cashmere Crop Pant



Color: Cumin
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Wool & Cashmere Crop Pant

Wool and Cashmere.

Maribel’s out on the patio, legs stretched out on the teak chaise.

Hardcover open to page 211. Glass of merlot.

Sugar maple leaves scatter across the slate, tossed by a slight breeze.

Her long auburn curls lift and fall. 

The last of the sun plays at the edges of the day.

Even with an October chill in the air, she’s warm. Quite comfortable, really.

A subtle conspiracy of wool and cashmere wrapped around her. 

A hundred pages to go...


Wool & Cashmere Crop Pant (No. 7067). Sumptuous wool and cashmere blend transforms a cozy rib-knit crop pant into your favorite cool-season comfort staple. Elastic waistband. Ankle length. Made in Peru.