Wrap Knit Top


Color: Burnt Siena
Product Details


I’m in Leytonstone Station in London in front of the Suspicion mosaic, one of 17 installed in 1999 to commemorate the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

The scene depicts Grant’s Johnny Aysgarth in a suit made up of cobalt, black, and grey tiles. He carries a tray, and on it a glass, which we know holds poisoned milk.

Next thing, there’s a woman at my elbow. “She didn’t drink it, you know.” A gentle Emerald Island brogue.

“He didn’t, either,” I add.

And that was it. A whole conversation in nine words, which sometimes is exactly enough.

Auburn hair in a chignon. Only lipstick for makeup. She’s wearing jeans and high leather boots with a chic wrap top in the same cobalt blue from the mosaic.

I think I got all the details right.

Wrap Knit Top (No. 6811). Long sleeve 100% cotton shirt with wrap-front v-neck and fitted bodice. Frames the body beautifully. Can be worn anywhere, with anything: silk pants, wool pants, or skirts. Imported.