Clare's Velvet Pants



Color: Multi Color
Product Details

Clare at Villa d’Este.


Nice to escape the stuffy embassy in Rome. So cool up here on top of the hill. So thoughtful of the Cardinal to put in all those fountains.

The Minister of Culture hopes Signora is enjoying her stay at the palace. If there is anything he can do to make it more enjoyable, Signora should not hesitate to ask.

Well…those damask drapes over there, I’d love to have a swatch.

The problem of what to wear to the big fundraising dinner is solved.

Clare's Velvet Pants (No. 6822). Ankle-length velvet devore burnout pants in patchwork of geometric patterns. Comfortably-elasticized waistband with drawstring. Dramatic wide-leg fit. Fully lined. Silk/rayon blend. Wear with black silk blouse to justify $10,000 a plate, or just lounge around with Henry, looking impossibly elegant. Imported.