Classic Nightshirt

Classic Nightshirt

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No. 1049
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Color: Red

Classic Nightshirt

Regular price $48.00 $34.00
Winter Silence.

Put on this handsome, soft, red nightshirt and almost immediately you’ll hear the silence that always precedes the beginning of a snowfall.

You could pretend you’re doing it for the children.

And that wouldn’t be entirely fictitious, would it? (Besides, the children won’t be the only ones who hear it either.)

And if at this place and at this time you don’t happen to have a mess of children (or none at all) and you don’t have a fieldstone fireplace either, then you’d better get one of these soft nightshirts right away.

You might even consider getting two of them.

Classic Nightshirt (No. 1049). Tab collar. Placket with four soft rubber soccer-shirt buttons. Shirttail hem. Soothing cotton flannel. Imported.