Eastern Philosophies Pullover



Color: Antique White
Product Details

Eastern Philosophies.

For centuries, men in the Orient have favored the relaxed, clean style of the mandarin collar shirt. For one, it’s balmy in India, arid in the Arabian Peninsula, and southern Asia has its monsoons. These are reason enough. Then again, it may be cultural—a preference for elegant subtlety. No fuss. Collars equate to industrialization or worse, fashion.

Go back to the beginning and you find something not only different but also unencumbered and, ironically, more fashionable. This shirt has a crisp but well-travelled appearance that adds character, whether on its own or under a jacket. You’ll appreciate it as a welcome change from the stiff button-down and tie look.

Wear it the next time you get away from the office for a weekend abroad, or under a blazer when you want to look like you never came back.

Eastern Philosophies Pullover (No. 5669). Breathable cotton and linen blend fabric with an eye-catching waist-length, eight-button placket. Real shell buttons with unique loop buttonholes. No buttons at the cuffs, which leaves them open-ended (a completely different look), similar perhaps to the journey you’ll be inspired to take. Made in India.