The Flapjack Shirt



Color: Red Plaid
Product Details

Cast Iron and Campfire.


Spotted in the 1940s in the Catskills, on loggers throughout the Pacific Northwest, and on some of the toughest characters on either side of the Continental Divide.

Your father wore it. Your grandfather, too.

It's equal parts cast iron and campfire, comfort and confidence. Woodsmoke, whiskey.


There's a rightness to things made to handle tough jobs. It lives deep in the DNA, woven through every fiber, tethered to the stories of every man who knows a hard day's work and never wants anyone to make a fuss about it.

When these things are also exceptionally handsome, it changes the game.


The Flapjack Shirt (No. J7842). Classic mid-century flannel shirt in 100% cotton. The distinctive button loop camp collar sets it apart from your other flannel shirts. You'll appreciate how the collar lies flat when unbuttoned and lends some historical heft to the look. Two five-point chest pockets. Barrel cuffs. Straight hem. Boxy fit. Mother of pearl buttons at center front and cuffs.