Midigama Blue Batik Shirt


Color: Chambray
Product Details

Eyes Up Here.


You roll up your sleeves and work on perfecting your cacio e pepe.

She already seems to like you, but you’re not about to lose this one for lack of trying.

You’re grating a mound of pecorino romano and catch her staring at your arms. (Rolling up your sleeves was the smartest thing you’ve done all day.)

Hey, Katherine, my eyes are up here.

It may be a long time before you know if she loves you for you or for your forearms or for your cooking.



Midigama Blue Batik Shirt (No. T3321). 100% cotton. Crafting batik clothes in Indonesia is like brewing beer in Germany: all the more special because so much of the centuries-old tradition hails from that very place. This stunning fabric was hand-blocked, and the garment was both cut and sewn in Indonesia. It features a stunning geometric and- flower print in evocative ocean blue, for a head turning long-sleeve shirt that’s also straightforward enough to be dressed up. Loose fit, so we recommend sizing down if you like a trimmer fit. Imported.