Scottish Sporran



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La Fheile Padraig sona duit!

At Waterloo, with French musket fire surrounding him, Piper Kenneth Mackay moved outside the protection of the 79th's regimental square, a move his countrymen surely thought was a death sentence. However, as he played Cogathd na Sithd on his pipes, the musket fire from Napoleon's Imperial Guard somehow missed. Galvanized by the historic tune, his comrades pressed on.

For formal affairs all over the world, we must never forget that real men definitely, defiantly, and distinguishably wear kilts. I recently wore my black watch dress to a formal affair assuming I'd be the only contrarian. Much to my surprise, there was a like-minded sophisticate in his black watch as well. That's why we're carrying the Royal Stewart too.

Scottish Sporran (No. 5290). Chrome-plated brass cantle, bovine leather bag and gusset, bovine fur. Leather strap and chrome-plated brass chain belt. Dimensions are 9î by 7 1/4". Made in Scotland.