Silk PJ Pant



Color: Red
Product Details

The PM Purist.

The sleeping purist needs pants and a top.

Disregard that Pyjama, the root of pajama, means “leg garment.” Your sleeping attire, as made popular by the British in the late 17th century, must include pants and a “jacket.”

The next order of business is that you find something that loves your skin. Silk jacquard is just the sort of soft and cuddly that qualifies.

Next is your appearance. You are usually the last one to see you before bed so it’s imperative you enter the ritual with a clear and happy mind.

Sleep well. Live better.

 Silk PJ Pant (No. 6832) in lavish 100% silk jacquard with monochrome Far East print. Classic pull-on pajama pant with elastic waistband. Slightly cropped. Ankle link. Straight leg. Imported.